10 moves to tone your tush Try Everyone


10 moves to tone your tush


10 moves to tone your tush Try Everyone.

There are some high powered moves that can give you better butts in little time and have these exercises and also make sure you are doing moves correctly. Listed below the 10 moves to tone your tush

  • This move will strengthens your butts and work upon core muscles .lay down upon your back with the knees bent and feet’s flat upon ground slowly push up driving your hip upward and also engage your core as you performing this move and then slowly and smoothly lower down your self toward floor.
  • Stand upon your feet’s   and your arms in front of you. Slowly sink into your squat and this should be kept in mind that you should not roll upon your knees while sinking into squat. Then push through heels and jumps straight into air and land safely and smoothly on the floor.
  • Lunge can also help in tone your tush. You should lunge backward, forward and sideways and making sure that you returns to standing position. To keep the balance while performing this move put your hands on your sides or on hips. Keep your gaze ahead of you and your back straight as you step into position
  • Start with the four two hands and two knees upon the ground and tuck a dumbbell into the crease behind the knees. Now push the flexed foot upward toward ceiling like trying to step upon the ceiling. And make sure your thigh is parallel to ceiling. Then return to original position
  • Begin with a runner lunge .your front knee should be bending upon your ankle and straightens your back leg behind you. And keep your back and chest straight as your back knee moves down toward the floor.
  • Lay down upon the floor upon your chest and you chin touching the ground with your all body. Then lift your one leg up the ground slowly while all your body resting upon floor and one leg should be higher than other and it will be best to lift that thigh off the ground lower it and switch legs
  • Start with your hands and knees with straight spine and your eyes in front of you..then bring one of your leg out to the side keeping foot upon the floor and extend straight behind you now bring the leg back down and cross it over your opposite leg
  • Lay down upon ground upon your chest and your chin resting upon your both hands. Bend your one knee so it points outward and your foot resting upon other knee and keep your bend knee several inches above the floor
  • Lie on your side and place one hand in front of you for balance then lift your upper leg at 45 degree to the leg lie upon the ground side ways. Without rolling your hip backward or forward and bring the same leg forward and tap your toes on the floor
  • Stand straight and cross one leg in front of you and carefully drop into lunge and then same action upon opposite leg

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