100 calorie snacks that fill you up Naturally


100 calorie snacks that fill you up


100 calorie snacks that fill you up Naturally.

Usually a small package of snack consist of 100 calorie but it does not mean that this 100 calorie snack will satisfy your appetite and also you until next meal and also it doesn’t mean that it is healthy choice in between the meals. And to choose the package and processed packs of snack you should go for the real food. And while making the choice for the snake you should prefer the snacks that provide all the nutrients like fiber, protein and other nutrient that are very essential to take. Even fruits are sweet snacks .and energy boosters and these fruits are the option to add to your healthy daily routine diet as usually fruits are rich in fiber so they can fill you up ,as a medium apple have about 80 calories and also a little quantity of fiber and berries also provide good nutrients to the body like one cup of berries contain about 50 calories and a little portion of fiber too. There are some snacks which provides you complete satisfaction from the appetite and nutrient aspect are below

  • The choice of one boiled egg which is cut into slices and sprinkled with salt and pepper and paprika can satisfies you from the calories point of view
  • Tomato may be another good choice .one medium tomato sliced and fresh mozzarella spread over it. To add taste to this small and fast recipe of snack you may sprinkle salt and pepper upon it with one table spoon of vinegar drizzled over it
  • Slice of roasted breast rapped in slice of cheese can may be another choice
  • A little quantity of water melon cut in small pieces with one ounce of fat free feta cheese and fresh lemon juice squeezed over it and in addition to it you may add chopped fresh mint
  • You may have choice of snacks of the goat cheese spread over the cucumber slices
  • Yogurt is also listed in this snacks group, the choice of yogurt with honey drizzled over it and addition of almond finely chopped can may be another choice as snacks
  • The carrots which are dipped into Greek yogurt and to add flavored to this very different looking recipe add 1 teaspoon of ranch dressing mix
  • Apples may also be the choice .sliced apples with the cheddar cheese spread over it
  • Soup is also a choice .a cup of fresh ,warm and comforting soup whose taste has been brightened with the lemon juice
  • Blue and red berries are also used by the eaters .and a mixed berries in a proportion of one and half or two cups can be enough to full fill your appetite and calorie portion
  • Cream cheese rolled in three slices of extra lean ham can full fill your snacks requirement
  • 5 ounce of pre-cooked pieces of shrimps which are dipped into cocktail sauce
  • Small whole wheat tortilla which is sprinkled with two table spoons of cheddar cheese and topped with fat free bean dips


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