21 Home remedies to canker sore Naturally


21 Home remedies to canker sore


21 Home remedies to canker sore Naturally.

What is canker sore?

These are small red bumps that usually rises inside the moving mouth. they are white spots on the inner side of mouth, you can get canker sore inside the cheeks, upon the tongue or inside the lips that usually they arises single but sometimes in the clusters
canker sore also known as “aphthous ulcer”
it is usually common in 1 to 5 year child.
they are not contagious but painful and they last 10 days without any treatment


Usually there is the burn in the mouth before canker sore and then red bump arise and it burst after 2 3 days leaving white shallow spot at place with red boundaries. they person suffering from canker sore doesn’t have fever and sometimes also have fever with swollen lymph glands


  • It can be caused by sharing food with someone or when you kiss someone .
  • it may also cause by the deficiency of vitamins like vitamin B-12. and child needs more vitamins than the adults as they are in their growth year
  • it may be caused by the deficiency of the nutrients like calcium, zinc, folic acid and other nutrients.
  • Those who have pure immune system also suffer from canker sore and even some stress upon the tissues also can cause canker sore and also it can be caused by hard brushing .

    Home remedies to canker sore:-

    Usually the canker sore last in 10 days without any treatment but there are some home remedies against canker sore as below

  • Turmeric and honey are used to cure canker sore. turmeric is natural antiseptic that fight against the germs causing canker sore and honey heals the damage skin.
  • licorice is also a cure to canker sore. the glycyrrhizin in licorice has anti inflammatory action that soothe the affected area.
  • Aloe Vera is also used. as it is natural antibacterial that fight against germs and release pain also
  • coriander is also natural antibacterial and anti inflammatory product that can fight against germs of canker sore it reduces pain and swelling .
  • tea is also use to cure canker sore. tannic acid in the tea is also used to heal the effect of canker sore. make a cup of tea and heal your pain
  • tea tree oil is also good antiseptic and antibacterial that can fight against germs and heal your pain.
  • sage is also used for this cure. and it has soothing property and it release pain. by boiling the sage leaves and drinking their extract can help in the cure.
  • Baking soda also neutralize the effect of acid that can cure canker sore .
    make the paste of baking soda with water and apply upon canker sore for 5 minutes and then rinse it to cure canker sore
  • onion is also another option. sulfur in onion release pain and heal the broken skin. directly apply onion slice upon canker sore.
  • cayenne pepper can also help in lowering down the pain. directly apply pinch of cayenne pepper and it will release the pain until it absorbs in the skin.
  • ice numbs the nerves and reduces pain. apply the ice cube upon affected area and it will release pain .
  • salt water usage also help in these condition. as salty water absorb the fluid and toxins that heals and release pain .
  • milk of magnesia also soothes the affected area when applied to the area of canker sore
  • alum powder also help in accelerating the healing process by absorbing the toxin and fluid from sore .
  • plum juice is also used as it reduces pain, numb the nerves
  • hydrogen peroxide kill the bacteria and heals the affected area .
  • Listerine is also used to cure canker sore as it kill the bacteria causing cancer sore .
  • clove oil is also used to cure canker sore. it release pain and don’t allow swelling
  • golden seal help to prevent the infection while accelerating the healing power by improving the immune system .
  • grapefruit seeds are also used to cure the canker sore as they have anti bacterial properties and they improve the immune system .

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