Best 6 Essential Oils for Weight Loss Fast and Naturally


Best 6 essential oils for weight loss

There are a number of uses and benefits of essential oils in our daily life. The people are more attracted to these oils because they have no side effects. There isn’t any problem left which cannot be treated with essential oils. Starting from headache till weight loss, these essential oils are widely used from one way or the other. In the lines below I will discuss with you the 6 best essential oils for weight loss fast and naturally. If you are having a healthy diet along with exercise, then you must include essential oils in your lifestyle because they not only helps you to burn the fats but also aids in the removal of toxins away from your body.


The essential oils when added to the diet suppress the appetite so that you don’t feel the hunger cravings any more. The rate of metabolism increases and there is natural control that prevents you from stressful eating. Usually there are six types of essential oils are used with one another and in this way you can have weight loss with essential oils. The weight loss essential oils include Grapefruit essential oil, peppermint essential oil, lemon essential oil, bergamot essential oil, cinnamon bark essential oil and sandalwood essential oil. Now let’s discuss these oils one by one.

  1. Grapefruit essential oil

It is an amazing weight loss essential oil dissolves the fats. It stops bloating and water retention in a natural manner. Due to the presence of d-limonene in the grapefruit oil, the release of fatty acids into the blood stream is aided. The body uses the energy after breaking them down. A recent study shows that it is one of the best oils that lose the weight in humans thereby lowering the level of cholesterol.

It is greatly used to burn the excess body fats, to stimulate the metabolism and for the detoxification of the lymphatic system. It is loaded with vitamin C. the antioxidant Lycopene present in the grapefruit oil removes all the toxins ways from the body by detoxifying it. The toxins must have to be released otherwise the stored toxins in our body are the reasons for the excessive fats. It also has anti-inflammatory properties so it is also used to reduce the inflammation.

How to use the Grapefruit essential oil

  • You can add a few drops of grapefruits essential oil to the drinks and shakes or simply in the normal glass of water that you drink. You must use it empty stomach as it flushes out the toxins and reduces the burring effect.
  • Massaging with this oil for about half an hour by mixing it with 1-2 oz of organic virgin coconut oil or simply virgin coconut olive oils. Let is remain on the body for some hours after the massage.
  • It drops can be added to your bath along with any other essential oil that you like.


  1. Peppermint essential oil

As we know that peppermint have lots of benefits so it is greatly used for weight loss. It improves the digestion and prevents in cravings. It is used in meals to give you a feeling of fullness and in this way you don’t feel hunger cravings during the day. It is great for creating serotonin in brain so that you dint crave more and this thing is controlled inside the brain. It suppresses the appetite along with improving the stomach as it has omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and Vitamin C. So it is among the effective essential oils for weight loss.

How to use peppermint essential oil

  • It is added to the everyday meals to suppress the appetite otherwise one eats more than it is requires.
  • Its few drops can be used to the drinks and in the normal water that you drink to control your appetite.
  • It is also used in the early morning warm bath to remain active throughout the day.


  1. Lemon essential oil

It contains excess amount of vitamin C along with minerals. It contains d-Limonene which aids the aids in weight loss. It is best for the intestinal parasites that are the causes behind weight gain. It gives you energy and improves the metabolism. It removes the toxins away from your body.

How to use Lemon essential oil

  • The massage with lemon essential oil to the affected areas helps in eliminating toxins from your body it gets stored in your fat cells.
  • Its few drops can be added to your drinks or water before breakfast helps to detoxify your body.
  • It is inhaled an hour before the meals to suppress the appetite.


  1. Bergamot essential oil

It is the only oil that controls the bad cholesterol. It boosts your mood and controls the stress levels in people. It comes with sedative properties that are perfect to get rid of stress that causes weight gain. It prevents people from stressful eating every time. It is also good when used in combination to lavender essential oil. It contains polyphenols that are best for fat oxidation. So it enhances metabolism and prevents cholesterol absorption.

How to use the Bergamot essential oil

  • You can inhale it to control your stress and make you relaxed.
  • It is good to use with some honey and coconut milk drink so maintain the weight.
  • Its massage with some added coconut or olive oil is good for the body
  • It is also used in the bath in diluted form to remain active and fresh.


  1. Cinnamon Bark essential oil

Cinnamon is used in your meals because it gives you a feeling of fullness so that you don’t feel the need of hunger. It maintains a healthy weight. The fats are n more stored in the body because it breakdowns the sugar and gets energy out of it. It improves the body’s immune system increases the blood circulation and is good for irritating bowl syndrome.

How to use the Cinnamon Bark essential oil

  • It is used in drinks along with some honey to improve the digestion.
  • The oil is also inhaled half an hour before meals to suppress the appetite.


  1. Sandalwood essential oil

It is great oil that avoids stress eating that is very common in many people. It improves the behavior and controls the mood swings. This ultimately leads to weight loss.

How to use the Sandalwood essential oil

  • You can inhale it in its diluted form with some coconut or olive oil.
  • It is directly being applied on the stomach and on feet.
  • It is also used by mixing it honey and coconut milk.

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