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essential oils for colds

The winter season comes along with illnesses like flu, cough, sore throat and colds. No matter you try a lot to save yourself from the seasonal colds but you get one very soon. Normally we get colds when we meet our friends who already have cold or flu. As we all know that flue, cough and colds are caused due to viruses which spread from the sick to the healthy very easily. If you get a cold then don’t worry at all because there are best essential oils that can kill the germs and viruses due to their anti-infectious and anti-viral properties. By the use of these oils you can prevents the colds even during winter season.

There are various home remedies that involve the use of essential oils for colds. They empower your immunity system and prevent you from colds naturally. In the lines below I will discuss in detail some of the essential oils that are widely used for the treatment of colds. So get ready to fight with cold in the coming winter with these best essential oils for colds home remedies.

Thieves Essential oil

It is among the best essential oils for colds and coughs. It contains blend of oils that include lemon, clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary and Eucalyptus. It is one of the best essential oils that boost the immune system of the body. In this way you are protected from the colds in chilling winter. It is good to rub this essential oil blend directly on your feet palms and on the spines on regular basis. Normally you need to rub 2 to 3 drops of it in undiluted form to prevent colds. Another option is to diffuse this oil into the air by using the diffuser thrice everyday for nearly 15 minutes. In this way the winter season will be free from colds.

Respiratory congestion blend oil

This oil is typically known as the R.C. blends that treat against t colds and congestion. It can naturally be used as a vapor rub that you can apply directly on your chest and feet for some hours. You can also diffuse this oil with some Thieves oil for a couple of times and leave for nearly 15 minutes to let it work properly.

Frankincense oil

This is amazing oil that fights against the congestion and makes your lungs to function well. Normally we feel tightness in our lungs whenever we are having cold. This oil is great for such condition. You can use this use directly by rubbing some of its drops on your chest along with homemade vapor rub for a number of times in a day. It gives best results when applied at night time before you sleep. It opens the stuffy nose and lungs. The people who have wheezing issues must use this essential oil cold remedy to keep the body healthy.

Lemon oil

Lemon essential oil has a lot of health benefits that is why it is used for the treatment of colds. During a cold if you feel irritation, headache and sore throat then you should apply few drops on this oil directly on your throat and around your ears to get instant relief from pain. If you feel that it is hot then you can mix it with some coconut oil or olive oil to make it diluted. Rubbing the body parts with this mixture treats the colds naturally.

ImmuPower oil

As the name suggests the ImmuPower essential oil boosts up the immune system of the body so that you body gets prepared to fight against colds in winter season. The immune system becomes strengthened and in this way the seasonal illnesses are cured in a natural manner. This oil is a blend of oil that includes Frankincense, Citrus, Oregano, Cumin, Idaho Tansy, Clove, Ravintsara, Mountain Savory and Hyssop. On inhaling the oil you will feel that its smell is similar to pizza and tacos. You can rub it on your feet at least thrice a day to treat the colds.

Breath Again Roll-on

This essential oil is an upgraded version of R.C. oil blend. It treats the study nose by giving you ease your breathing. The nasal passages are cleared up naturally. It is better to rub is oil around your nose and throat so that when you will sleep at night your nasal function will be much improved. Rubbing this blend directly on the chest makes breathing easier for you.

Ways to use the essential oils

Normally the experts recommend breathing these essential oils. These oils enter into the body via lungs and from nose. These oils are easily absorbed in the skin so you can rub then directly on your body. Some people prefer these oils in the form of capsule or lozenge. Using a diffuser is great because these oils are diffused into the oil and you can breathe them in easily. According to the experts the sense of smell in the most powerful sense that makes the brain sharper and stronger.

When you breathe these oils from the nose and lungs and prevent the formation of mucus that builds from cough or cold. You should boil the water in a pot and add some drops of any of this oil and take the steam. Make sure that your head is covered well with a towel. The steam must enter directly from nose and lungs.

Application of these oils on the skin

You can apply these oils directly on your skin and in this way the colds are treating more quickly. Stroke the back area and the spine with oil. These essential oils for cold and flu are penetrated into the skin naturally and in this way they work to treat your colds. You can use these oils in a way that take a cloth with warm wash and put few drops of any of the oils on it. Now place the cloth on your chest area to relive the pain and stress caused by the cold. Rub it directly on the chest, palms of the feet and around the nose to kill the viruses that cause colds.

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